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Capri, Italy

At the beginning of September, we revisited one of our favorite places: Capri. We decided to revisit some of our favorites before we moved back to the US, and Capri was at the top of the list. We had visited the previous summer, but only as a day trip from Positano. You can read about that visit to Capri here. We had multiple people recommend actually staying on the island for a few days and we are SO glad we did! One big advantage to staying on Capri is that it’s a completely different place after about 5pm once all of the day trippers are gone. It is pretty crowded in the main square area during the day but in the evenings it’s pretty peaceful. Do not make the mistake of doing a day trip from Positano and just stopping in Capri, staying on the island will offer you experiences you can’t otherwise get- trust me! We spent three amazing days in Capri before moving on to Positano and I think that was enough time to really explore everything Capri has to offer. We flew in and out of Naples airport.

boat ride in Capri Faraglioni rocks
Boat ride in Capri

Lido del Fare

Activities in Capri:


The hiking in Capri is amazing! The natural beauty of the island is mind blowing and one of the best ways to see it is on the hiking trail. We got a map from our hotel and the concierge mapped out the best hikes. We did two while we were in Capri. We hiked to the Arco Naturale and also Via Krupp. You can find more info on different hiking routes in Capri here.

Sunset at Puenta Carena Lighthouse:

Probably the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen! The location is a bit more remote and definitely frequented more by locals than tourists. Lido del Faro Beach club and restaurant is positioned right next to the lighthouse, so I’d recommend making a day out of it. We took the local bus that comes every 30 minutes to and from Puenta Carena Lighthouse. I think it was l 2 euros each way.


Fontelina Beach Club: This is the beach club you’ve probably seen in photos with its iconic blue and white umbrellas. They also have a restaurant here that is great for lunch.

Il Riccio Beach Club: In Anacapri close to the Blue Grotto. Attached to Capri Palace hotel and Il Riccio restaurant. Highly recommend checking out the beach club or restaurant even if you don’t stay at the hotel.

Lido del Faro Beach Club: More of a “public” beach than the two listed above and definitely filled with locals rather than tourists. Right next to the Puenta Carena Lighthouse in Ana Capri. This Beach club also has a small restaurant and is the perfect place to watch the sunset with some drinks.

Rent a boat:

Getting out on the water is a MUST! Rent a boat for a half-day with a private driver. He or she will take you to swim amongst all of the most beautiful caves and grottos and when you tire of the site seeing anchor in the bay for an Aperol Spritz. There are a ton of these available, we coordinated this with the help of our hotel.


The Island of Capri has two towns: Capri and Anacapri. Anacapri is located on the slopes of Mount Solaro at a higher elevation than Capri town, and has about 7,000 residents. It’s more authentic, quiet, and has some of the best views especially for the sunset. There are less luxury boutiques and nightlife, but there are some amazing hotels in Anacapri for all budgets. Anacapri also has many more authentic local artisan shops. Capri Palace hotel is in Anacapri and has an amazing restaurant and beach club attached called Il Riccio. There are also many great budget accommodations in Anacapri. Some of the island’s main  sights are located near Anacapri: The Blue Grotto, Villa San Michele, and the chairlift for Mount Solaro.

blue grotto view from il Riccio
Right above the Blue Grotto at Il Riccio beach club
hiking in capri
Hiking to the Arco Naturale




Capri Beach club


Capri and Anacapri Travel GudieACS_0651

Capri and Anacapri Travel GudieIMG_3863

Capri and Anacapri Travel GudieIMG_3770

puenta Carena light house capri Italy
Puenta Carena Lighthouse


Anacapri town square
sunset at lido del fare capri italy
sunset at Lido del Faro

Where to eat in Capri:

Il Riccio: My favorite meal we had on this trip! Il Riccio is in Anacapri and attached to the hotel Capri Palace and its beach club. The restaurant has amazing views of the water and a lot of the diners arrived by boat. I had the sea urchin pasta ( Riccio means urchin) and it was amazing. Probably my favorite part of this restaurant is that they have an entire ROOM for desserts!

Da Paolino: Possibly the most romantic restaurant on the island. A little overpriced, but the setting is gorgeous. Da Paolino is located in a lemon garden and all of the tables are underneath lemon trees.

La Fontelina: the beach club also has a restaurant that is perfect for lunch and has views of the famous

Lido del faro: Perfect for the sunset! Right next to the Lighthouse and also has an attached beach club. Amazing views.

Little lemon granita stands: You can find these in most of the main areas but our favorite was the one right next to Punta Tragara hotel. Fresh lemon granita is the perfect snack for a hot day!

Gelateria Buonumore: Really amazing gelato!



sea urchin pasta at il Riccio restaurant capri italy
Sea urchin pasta at Il Riccio
Dessert room at Il Riccio
Dessert room at Il Riccio
sunset Lido del Fare Capri italy
Lido del Faro

Capri and Anacapri Travel GudieACS_0653



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