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Professional Photos in Paris

Outfit details: Vince Camuto dress (Exact dress is on major sale here, short sleeve version here), Topshop heels, J.crew pearl earrings.

When Pat asked me what I wanted as my souvenir from our trip to Paris, I said “at least one nice photo of the two of us that I can frame and keep forever.” Instead of relying on random strangers to take photos with our phones and testing the limits of Pat’s picture taking patience, we booked I heart Paris Photographer. Best decision EVER. Just one hour and we have so many amazing photos that it’s hard for me to pick favorites! We are SO happy with how these turned out (even in the cold, wind, and rain!) and  will forever cherish them.

Eiffel tower couple photo fall

Romantic Eiffel tower photo

Couple photo Eiffel tower stairs

Shop my outfit + similar styles here:


Shop Pat’s outfit here:

Ponte Alexander III Bridge Paris couple photo

Couple photo in Paris in the fall. Navy suit and maroon dress

Couple Photo at Eiffel Tower in the Fall navy suit maroon dress

Fall in paris picture ideas

Eiffel tower couple picture ideas

Eiffel Tower in the fall


If you are visiting Paris and thinking about having your pictures taken by a professional….DO IT! We absolutely loved working with Fede from I Heart Paris!

Here are 5 reasons I am SO happy we hired a professional to take our photos while on vacation in Paris:

1. No relying on random stranger’s photo taking abilities! Pat hates when I do this, but when traveling it’s either this or a million selfies. And honestly I always worry a little bit that this stranger may run off with my camera/phone.

2. High quality. I can’t wait to print and frame these! Our photographer, Fede, knew all of the best places to get the best results. He also knew the best time of day, for example we started our shoot right at sunrise. This helped ensure that there wouldn’t be a million tourists with selfie sticks in the background of our photos.

3. No testing of Pat’s patience! Literally one hour and we have all of these amazing pictures. It’s such a pain when you finally get a good pic on your phone and you have to ask them to retake it because one of you is blinking.

4. You can relax! When you hire a professional to take your photos, you can relax knowing that you’ll have some keepers to frame. We did our shoot on our second morning there and we were able to relax and fully enjoy the rest of our time there without worrying about taking pics.

5. The best souvenir ever!  There is a lot of time, research, and money that goes into planning a special trip. But getting professional photos taken doesn’t need to be crazy expensive with the right photographer. For me, the best souvenir I could have is beautiful photos to help me remember the trip.5 Reasons to get your photos taken professionally in Paris Eiffel Tower couple photo ideas



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